30 of the Worst Sporting Injuries of All Time

Athletes train harder and practice to grow stronger, faster, and bigger. This comes with a great shift to the kind of impact they cause on the field of play. It is worth mentioning that the human body is designed to endure so much pressure and stress until it succumbs to its physical breaking point. Sporting injuries could go horribly wrong. Some have been reported to be fatal while others have been known to end careers. In most cases, these injuries have created a new twist in the rules governing different sports so as to prevent them from occurring in future. Some of the changes have included alterations of the equipment used, new protection schemes, and awareness promotion among athletes.

The following is a list of brutal reminders to sportsmen and women of the current age on how things could go wrong. They are a reflection of how short and brittle the career life could be for an athlete. The list highlights some of the world’s most horrendous sporting injuries of all time. The images and stories discussed herein are not for the faint hearted, be warned!

Tim Hudson – Broken Ankle

Everything seemed all-routine for the Atlanta Braves’ Tim Hudson as he went to cover the first base on a ground ball. The starting pitcher found himself in a whole new state when Eric Young Jr. stepped on his ankle, unintentionally. This happened as he tried to beat out the throw. The ankle bent beyond the norm and needed an immediate carting off the field. The twist was horrible and disturbing for many, for long.



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