18 Health Tips For Newborns

18. Always Swaddle Your Baby

18 swaddle
It is essential for every parent to learn how to swaddle their baby. A newborn should be swaddled for at least 2 months. It helps the baby feel warm, secure and calm. It is one of the best ways to calm or soothe a crying baby.

17. Wash Your Hands

17 wash hands
Babies are delicate and are prone to catch infections very soon. It is essential to ensure you keep germs and bacteria away from your baby. While ensuring their clothes and blankets clean is essential, it is also important to keep your hands clean and that you wash your hands before you touch your baby.

16. Learn To Soothe

16 soothe
Newborns tend to get very cranky and irritable at times and this could take on toll on parents. The key is to learn what soothes your baby. While music works for some kids, walking around with them works for the others. Try different things till you finally figure out what soothes your baby best.

15. Wait For The Burp

15 burp
It is very important that your baby burps after a meal. This prevents stomach gas and pain which is caused due to the gas. While not all babies burp easily there are ways you can get your baby to burp. Carry your baby on your shoulder and pat the baby on the back gently till he or she burps.


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