18 Epic Science Fails Of All Time

18. The Bell Rocket Belt

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The Bell Rocket Belt was one of the funniest failures in science. This rocket was invented with a view to transport people from one place to another by flying, however the rocket didn’t work as planned and during the testing Thomas Moore crashed into trees, roads and kept circling in one spot for a long time.

17. Bar Sound Bubble

Photo Credit must read :  Gordon Jack/Scotimage.com  Social Spheres being put into practice today in Edinburgh's Missoni Bar. The spheres have been designed by Product Design student, Elaine McLuskey from Napier University to enable people to hold intimate conversations in busy bars and clubs!   Original Filename: globe-gj8.jpg
The device was created for two people to have an up-close and personal chat without any interruptions. Both the people need to tuck their head into the bubble which is soundproof and quiet. Talk about having bad breath here!

16. The Flying Saucer Camera

16 flying saucer
This flying camera which was invented in 1953 was created to take multiple shots from different angles; however the speed of the saucer and the camera never managed to match causing this device to fail.


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