17 Hollywood Dirty Secrets Revealed

17. Many Movie Stars Were Gay

17 gay
While Hollywood stars today are open about their sexuality, this wasn’t the case in the early days. A number of stars who were gay kept this a secret. Some of the most popular gay couples during the old times include Cary Grant & Randolph Scott, Rock Hudson & George Nader, Montgomery Clift & Rock Hudson and Anthony Perkins & Tab Hunter.

16. The Director Of Casablanca Killed Several Extras

16 casablanca
Yes, director Michael Curtiz intentionally killed about 13 people by flooding the set with gallons of water thus causing them to drown.

15. Howard Hughes Responsible For The Deaths Of Three WWI Pilots

15 Howard
1930’s “Hell’s Angels” might have been a great movie, but Huges who hired actual World War I pilots to fly the planes had such complicated stunts in the movie that it resulted in the death of three of these pilots.

14. Frank Sinatra’s Mafia Connections

14 Frank Sinatra
One of the best singers of all times, Frank is said to be close friends with a strong Mafia Luciano Havana from Italy.


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