17 Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods

17. Oats

17 Oats
Oats are high in fiber, Vitamin B, iron and various other minerals which are very beneficial in the baby building process. It also provides your baby with vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women suffer constipation problems and fiber helps aid constipation.

16. Fruit Smoothie

16 fruit smoothies
It is very essential for women to eat frequent meals. While eating solid food every now and then is not something pregnant women like to do, sipping on fruit smoothie is enjoyable. These smoothies are packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins which are great for the development of the baby.

15. Dried Apricots

15 Dried Apricots
Apricots are minerals, silicon, phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium. It also has high contents of iron and copper that prevents the child from suffering from anemia. Dry apricots make a great snack for pregnant women in between meals.

14. Dairy Products

14 Dairy Products
Dairy products are a rich source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. They contain all the necessary nutrients that help in the formation of your baby’s bones, teeth, muscles, heart and nerves. Women who are underweight can opt for full fat milk during their pregnancy while women who are overweight can opt in for skimmed milk.


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