16 Amazing Scary Facts About Animals

16. Hippos Are Dangerous

16 Hippo
About 655,000 people are killed every year by hippos alone. These harmless looking animals are responsible for killing more people than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos combined. If you’re planning to visit Africa, make sure you stay away from them.

15. Bees Kill More People Than Sharks

Killer bees
While bees claim the lives of over 60 people each year in comparison to sharks that kill just one person. So the next time you spot a beehive, beware.

14. Snapping Turtles Introduced in The Ganges

14 Turtles
India released over 25,000 of these flesh eating turtles into the river of Ganges so they could eat the bodies of those whose families could not afford to cremate them. Strangely, this river is also a holy place of worship for Hindus.

13. Iran has Rats As Large As 11 Pounds

Rats aren't only problem in Tehran. These were running free over the weekend in Luton, England.
Research proves that the more populated an area is, the more rats it will have. But Teheran which is in Iran has the largest rats in the world. These rats often weight as heavy as 11 pounds.


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