15 Foods You Need To Avoid

15. Low-Fat Yogurt

15 low fat yogurt
It’s a known fact that skimmed milk is healthier that full fat milk, but when this milk is used to make flavored yogurts it just doesn’t taste as good. In order for companies to increase the sales of their low fat yogurts they add a lot of artificial flavoring and sugar to it. While the milk used is low fat, the sugar makes up for the fat content.

14. Microwave Popcorn

14 popcorn
While this is the most convenient snack for that lazy movie night, this popcorn is unhealthy. The bags used in packaging are highly toxic and are known to cause a number of health issues including cancer. If you’re keen on having popcorn as a snack, just do it the old fashioned way.

13. Canned Tomatoes

13 canned tomatoes
The most popular base in soups, canned tomatoes are high in sales, but this canned food is something you need to start avoiding. The cans are filled with preservatives to keep the tomatoes fresh. These preservatives are harmful and can cause hormonal disruption, reproductive issues, sperm defects, miscarriages and deformities in babies.


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